D A N G E R    I S L A N D

Due to the extraordinary interest in Danger Island caused by the unprecedented secrecy and security surrounding this show, the producers have decided to provide the fans who've contacted us with a glimpse of the incredible events going on behind the scenes. Check here regularly to get the latest information from the only official source...DangerIsland.TV

NEWSFLASH     The producers of Danger Island are proud to announce that Lou Ferrigno, star of "The Incredible Hulk" and a former Mr. Universe who is widely regarded as the largest body builder in the world, has agreed to appear as a ManHunter on the show. When asked if Mr. Ferrigno might be too intimidating to the criminal contestants the producers responded that given the nature of our contestants its important to bring in a big gun like Mr. Ferrigno to even out the balance of power on the island. Check back here regularly to hear about new celebrity Manhunters being added to the show

NEWSFLASH     Producers of "DangerIsland" announce the beginning of a worldwide casting call for individuals wanting to become contestants or manhunters on the show. All interested in applying should visit the show's official web site www.DangerIsland.TV

NEWSFLASH     In an effort to allow Americans to view "Danger Island" a grass roots letter writing campaign is announced. The campaign is designed to lobby North American television networks to pickup what we believe will be the most interesting new reality show on the horizon

NEWSFLASH     Location scouts for Danger Island visit numerous destinations in search of the ideal place to film. After scouting trips to Havana Cuba, Shark Island off the New Zealand coast, Blood Cove in the China Sea as well as others all are declared too conventional. For months the producers review satellite photos... meet with various historical and geographic groups...all to no avail. Then...almost at the eleventh hour...we discover an uncharted island that we believe to be stunning.

NEWSFLASH     Producers begin discussions with a number of celebrities interested in one of the most talked about roles in the Hollywood - the role of "Host / Enforcer " on Danger Island

NEWSFLASH     The show's producer meets with Howard Stern in Manhattan to discuss what many beleive will be a history making event in television... Danger Island


What's the new definition of Danger...we define it as 12 real life felons competing for $1,000,000 on a deserted tropical island.
"Danger Island"...check your local listings. __________________________________________________

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